Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Agility Trial 5/2-3/2014

We just got home from the trial! It went really well! The first day wasn't so great but the second day was fabulous! I'm SO proud of Cricket! He's in advanced levels now and he still does well! 
Here's the breakdown from the weekend:

Day 1:
T2B: NQ. Jumped off the second A-Frame contact.
Open Fast: NQ. Would hardly do anything. Super distracted so I pulled him.
Excellent Standard: NQ Refused the Seesaw once. Other than that, a GREAT run!
Excellent JWW: Q. Got our AXJ title!! Moved up to Masters!

Day 2:
T2B: Q. 5Points towards his T2B title!
Open Fast: Q. One more Q and we'll have our OF title!!
Excellent Standard: NQ. I accidentally pulled him away from the A-Frame and caused him to refuse it.
Masters JWW: Q. 10 points towards our MACH title!!

YAY!! I'm SO happy with how well he did!!

On the way home today!

All the ribbons from the weekend!

All of Cricket's ribbons!

Thanks for reading! A video of his runs will (hopefully) be uploaded to youtube soon! haha


Friday, May 2, 2014

Old Trial Video

SOOOO... I found this video on my computer and realized that I had forgotten to upload it! So here it is now! This video is one of our trials from 3/7/2014

Click HERE to see the video(opens in new tab)!

Well I guess that's it! Post again after tomorrow's trial!



So We're about to head to a trial today!! This is going to be a two day trial because it fell on a time when I could do two days. So I'm really excited because there are two possible titles to be won at this trial! He only needs one more Excellent JWW Q to get his AXJ title and move to Master!! He needs two Open Fast Q's to get his OF title and move to Excellent!! YAY!! I hope we are able to get them this weekend, but I am going to be happy with whatever Cricket gives me! I know he does his best and I do mine and we have TONS of fun and that's all that matters! Thanks so much to everyone who is following our progress through the Agility trials! Love y'all!!